12/07/2010 - Coaching for Positive Organisational Change

This was the first NHS/EMCC coaching conference and hopefully not the last. The NHS institute filmed the different speakers which can be found below. The speakers talk about how to create and embed a coaching culture. They share their knowledge of coaching and use their experiences of making coaching work within an organisation. These videos are inspiring and thought provoking.

The speakers included Sue James, NLC Emergent Leader Workstream Lead and CEO of Walsall Hospitals, the inspirational Phil Morley, CEO Mid-Cheshire Hospitals on creating a coaching culture in his organisation, Professor David Megginson (from the NHS Institute Executive Coaching Register) generated thinking and future actions through an interactive Appreciative Inquiry and Professor David Clutterbuck, one of the top HR thinkers in the UK who chaired the day.

Please click on the link to view the selection of videos

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