QUOTE-LEFT.pngThe School of Coaching Certification Course is a marvellous demonstration of a practical course with exceptional tutors - which brings out the creative element of the whole coaching process. Anyone applying for this course as simply a means to show yet another corporate objective on their CV, will be caught on the hop. This is a course for the courageous. It offers insight and inspiration to those who think that all coaching is about is teaching people to be better at what they do. This course is about allowing the individual to find their own way towards their own success without doubt or fear of failure. I recommend it to anyone who wants to put the heart and soul back into their business.QUOTE-right.png

Pat Johnstone, Strategic Consultant, COI Communications


QUOTE-LEFT.pngBy integrating the coaching practice into our managerial roles it made a huge difference to the buy-in of other department members to what was at the time a radical and difficult change for us. Experiencing this programme as a team had the added benefit of strengthening our resolve as we were also able to coach each other through some tough situations. Coaching is now a way of life, at home, at work but more importantly has developed across the organisation and makes a real contribution to the cultural/behavioural shift we are bringing about in the BBC.QUOTE-right.png

Sally Spinks; Head of Learning Design, BBC Training and Development


QUOTE-LEFT.pngI guess for me, it is true to say that the experience has been life changing. Since adopting a coaching style in life, and not just work, I have seen some remarkable results and transformations in the performance of others and the business. Family, friends and colleagues have warmed to the use of coaching to achieve improved performance. In so doing, I find myself with more time to plan, free of the burden of day to day ownership of issues. QUOTE-right.png

Michael Broadhurst, The Manager of the Sainsbury's store in Stockport, Greater Manchester


QUOTE-LEFT.pngI attended the coaching programme and found it to be professional, business focused and capable of developing really effective non-directive coaching skill. Having established a relationship with the School I have subsequently used them in-house - to both develop coaching capability and to team coach. I have always found the School to be helpful and results focused irrespective of goal, group or geography.QUOTE-right.png

Mike Ellis, Management Development Manager, B&Q plc


QUOTE-LEFT.pngI would have no hesitation in recommending the programmes to others. A rewarding and memorable experience for me.QUOTE-right.png

Sharon Leivers, Longhurst Housing Association


QUOTE-LEFT.pngThe Short Programme was for me a compact and effective way of acquiring the basics of Coaching in a very short time. It is self-standing, but then - if wanted - the Upgrade Programme gives the opportunity for more in-depth practice leading to formal certification. Having both available allows maximum choice, since for me commitment to the full Programme was not an option from the start. QUOTE-right.png

Edward Prosser, Senior Manager, Learning Strategy Unit, Department of Health


QUOTE-LEFT.pngTo sit with my coach for an hour once every six weeks brings such clarity and liberation to my thought processes that, for me, the experience is invaluable. The subtle prompts and challenges provide a real sense of purpose and direction to the solution of issues and, as such, increase the feeling of positive achievement. Indispensable. QUOTE-right.png

Paul Cuttill, Chief Operating Officer, Networks, EDF Energy


QUOTE-LEFT.pngThe high quality of instruction received in the course of completing The School of Coaching's' Public Programme has had a material effect in my business life. I am able to manage and facilitate meetings much more effectively, as well as successfully coaching managers and teams in different areas of the organisation. There is no doubt that I have benefited immensely from the programme and have made some useful and lasting contacts with my course peers. QUOTE-right.png

Colin Watts, General Manager, Trade Development at Freightliner


QUOTE-LEFT.pngThe program delivers a structured framework, enhanced through powerful techniques that are truly transformational. The experience, confidence and knowledge attained during and beyond the term, is life changing and can be incorporated at home and in the workplace. A worthwhile, well presented and professionally disseminated course. QUOTE-right.png

Gary Warner, Change & Development Manager at Seeboard Powerlink, which is now part of EDF Energy


QUOTE-LEFT.pngAwareness really is curative!! Within The School of Coaching Programme, you are truly immersed in the coaching experience. I took my first steps on learning to 'dance' with my coachees and am still learning. The programme enabled me to learn more about myself and how I can raise my own levels of performance. QUOTE-right.png

Dawn Bentley who was, at the time of the programme PP10, Head of HR at AXA Insurance


QUOTE-LEFT.pngI am writing to tell you how pleased I am with the executive coaching work you have been doing with one of our senior managers. The outputs of the process have been entirely positive. Our manager states that his understanding of interpersonal issues has grown significantly, and he has improved the management of several key meetings that he chairs. I can vouch for an improved level of performance; he is taking a more strategic view of whole business issues, and is providing enthusiastic support to assist his colleagues in meeting their aspirations. QUOTE-right.png

Brian Gray, Managing Director, Seeboard Powerlink, now a part of EDF Energy


QUOTE-LEFT.pngI found the programme to be of enormous value, both personally and professionally. It had great depth and breadth, and I found that almost all of my assumptions about the nature and purpose of coaching were challenged, and, consequently, my learning grew rapidly. The highly experiential nature of the programme gave me increased confidence in my ability of a coach, and addressed my insecurities about the fact that I didn't have all the answers! The prescribed reading and case studies provided intellectual rigour, and the learning climate created by the course tutors was supportive yet challenging. The programme provided excellent value for money, giving me skills with immediate application in the workplace, and with the potential for more widespread use. QUOTE-right.png

Katherine Scholfield, Director Human Resources, HFC Bank


QUOTE-LEFT.pngAs part of my HR roles in life I have coached all sorts of people; this programme made me think hard about my approach and the input has proved invaluable - the best indicator of this is the positive feedback received from clients.QUOTE-right.png

John Roberts, HR Director at Greene King Brewery at Bury St Edmunds


QUOTE-LEFT.pngThe School of Coaching course was an enjoyable and stimulating experience. I've learned so much that I can use practically and I'm already seeing the benefits of applying the lessons I've learned. QUOTE-right.png

Phil Rutt, Planning & Development Manager, Centrica


QUOTE-LEFT.pngMy experience of The School of Coaching's Public Programme and my new awareness of coaching in general, can all be summed up in three words: privilege, wonder and humility. Some of my experiences have been truly wonderful, e.g. straightening out a vicious circle of events into easy to take steps, which produced the intended results ten days ahead of schedule. Results that continue to augment my sense of wonder at the capacity of human beings. I consider it a privilege and a wholly worthwhile life experience to have taken part in this coaching programme and for me, accreditation was the icing on the cake. QUOTE-right.png

Chris Talbot, Coaching & Mentoring, HM Customs & Excise


QUOTE-LEFT.pngI have long been a believer that people have immense potential, but struggled to know how to support their development. This course highlighted the value of non-directive coaching in enabling and developing potential and built my own awareness of how I can help or hinder that process. It has been invaluable to me both at work and as part of my personal development. QUOTE-right.png

Sue Gill, Head of Management Development, Networks, EDF Energy