Our Approach

Non DirectiveWe believe that coaching is primarily about performance. All services are aimed at increasing performance to achieve extraordinary results. Our approach forms the foundation to our Performance Coaching services.

The core concept of our approach is that the individual or team being coached already has the resources within them to move forward and that the coach’s primary role is to help them access these resources.

We have our own unique proprietary coaching model. It has been refined over the past twenty years and has roots in both classical nondirective theory, psychology, FLOW and significantly, Tim Gallwey’s Inner Game. A full expression of our approach can be found in 'Effective Coaching' by Myles Downey.

Our operating principles are built around our client’s needs. We undertake to listen to client’s goals, to take the time to design bespoke solutions, and to only deliver work which makes a substantive difference.


our approach