Strathclyde Accreditation

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When participants have successfully completed the Coach's Programme, they may submit a portfolio in order to gain full certification. This should consist of an extract from their learning log that follows their progress over the course of the programme, supplemented by a case study and book and website reviews.

Portfolios are submitted for review by a member of The School of Coaching faculty, with oversight from our certificating body, The University of Strathclyde's Centre for Lifelong Learning.

Upon the recommendation of The School of Coaching, participants will receive a Certificate of Professional Development in Executive Coaching from The University of Strathclyde. Participants must demonstrate a sufficiently high standard of non-directive coaching before the School recommends them for certification. Certification is not automatic.

Participants who have completed the Coach's Programme successfully and wish to continue their study with the Portsmouth University MSc in Coaching and Development programme, will be granted a dispensation of 45 APL points for the first year of the three year programme.