Supervision & Assessment

Supervision is a formal arrangement for coaches to discuss their work with a professional, experienced in both coaching and supervision. The purpose of Supervision is to ensure that a coach is developing effective working relationships with their clients and to ensure that their approach is aligned with the needs of the client organisation.

There are only a handful of qualified Coach Supervisors in the country, five of which are members of the School’s faculty. Our supervision is designed to enable coaches to deliver effective change by receiving support in:

  • Meeting their responsibilities both to the organisation and to their individual clients.
  • Learning new skills & approaches tailored to their particular needs and preferences.
  • Being clear about the extent of and boundaries to their competence.
  • Developing new choices when 'stuck' in their work.
  • Acquiring new models and frameworks to guide their coaching.
  • Exploring ethical dilemmas in a safe and confidential environment.
  • Understanding the culture or ecology of organisations in which they operate.
  • Knowing how to work effectively within an organisational setting.
  • Controlling the flow of information, particularly 'double bind' information.
  • Being able to combine loyalty to individuals with loyalty to the organisation.
  • Seeing the coaching within the context of the wider organisation's needs.

The frequency of Supervision sessions will vary according to the volume of coaching, the experience of the coach, and the nature of their work.

For further information on Supervision, or to discuss your specific requirements, please call The School of Coaching on +44 (0)20 8987 7280 or alternatively email